A late October getaway to south central Indiana provided some colorful photo opportunities.

Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls is the largest waterfall in the state of Indiana by volume. It actually consists of two sets of waterfalls located about a mile apart. The combination of water effects, fall foliage, and limestone rock formations provided a great setting for photos.

Muscatatuck Refuge

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, located near Seymour, spans close to 7,900 acres. The name comes from the Muscatatuck River, which means "land of winding waters." The primary wildlife protected in the refuge is waterfowl and other birds, including mating pairs of bald eagles. For both wildlife and landscape photographers, it offers a wide variety of subject matter to choose from.

Brown County SP

Brown County State Park is one of the larger state parks in the country, covering close to 16,000 acres, and receives over a million visitors annually. Photography-wise, the majority of my time was divided between the park's scenic overlooks, and walking around Lake Ogle and Lake Strahl.