“It's not the years honey, it's the mileage.”

- Harrison Ford

Many people love and collect vintage cars, but usually with the intent of fixing them up. For me however, while there is a limit to how far gone a car can be to qualify for this mashup series, normally the more "driven" the look, the better. The visual aesthetic is consistent here, in the service of revealing beauty in decay. However, given the subject matter, the aim is to be more direct and visceral. Kick the tires, smell the musty odors and burnt oil, and resist the urge to scrape off the flaking paint and polish the chrome.

Test Drives

Often times source images used for mashups are nice enough to stand on their own. Certainly I'm more aware now of making that a goal since the better the source images, the better the final result can be. Here are a few examples from this series I took time to "polish up."