I'm an artist who finds as much joy roaming through a junk car lot as I do a picturesque landscape.

Digital Art

Mashups are digital artworks that combine multiple images together using layer blending features in photo editing software. Stylistically, they're about exploring boundaries between photography and painting, and finding beauty in decay.

From the series Not My Type. See more in the Mashup galleries.


Interest in single-image photography dates back to my college years, manually developing film in a darkroom using smelly chemicals. With modern tools, I now look forward to post-processing images in a digital darkroom. In regards to landscape photography in particular, I enjoy connecting with nature across ever-changing lighting and weather conditions.

Taken at Brown County State Park, Indiana, October 2022. See more in the Landscape galleries.

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“Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye, it is in the mind.”

    - Agnes Martin